I Want to Change

Hey everyone, long time no talk. Quite a lot has happened since I’ve been away. Graduated with my bachelors. Had an awesome summer in Mountain View with Google. Hopefully I’ll be able to write about a lot of my experiences soon!

But as for the title of this post. I want to change. I feel like I’ve been getting so much more distracted lately. I have these grand ideas for projects but get distracted by shiny new things that come around and I never finish. Over the summer I decided to learn plenty of new things but guess how many I’ve gone through with? None. I’m not cool with that, because that’s not who I want to be. Well I can change. I’m taking a page from one of my favorite blogs Eevee and going to try to make a weekly blog post summarizing exactly what I’ve done in a week. I’ll also set out goals for a month and try my best to reach them. If I don’t, no worries, hopefully it just motivates me to get there.

I want to acheive things in a few categories (and give updates on them):

  • programming - I want to build cool stuff of my own
  • open source - I want to contribute and give back to popular open source projects I use
  • EDM production - I want to learn how to produce electronic music
  • reading - I want to keep reading and learning both from fiction and non-fiction
  • My life - Any exciting stuff that has happened in my life

So yeah that brings us to this blog. Several of my favorite blogs are using static generators so I figured why not? New technology motivates me to do stuff. So I’m using Jekyll. I took a long look at Pelican since it’s Python which I’m extremely comfortable with but I really liked the community around Jekyll. Definitely next on the list of things to do is to make my own custom theme. I know I’m not great at design but this should give me a great opporutnity to learn it!

Let’s hope that the next post is pretty soon!