Gear I Use

What gear do I develop on?

Computer Harware

I primarily use two computers to work on.

For my laptop, I use a 2013 Macbook Air. I bought it in my freshman year of college and it's preformed perfectly ever since. I paid a little extra for the 1.7 GHz processor and 8GB of RAM but only a 128GB hard drive. If I had to do it again, I would switch the upgrades on the processor and hard drive since I constantly run out of space on the hard drive.

For my workhorse, I put together a desktop computer that same freshman year. I wanted a PC that I could both develop on and game on. I didn't find any prebuilt PCs that I liked so I decided to just build my own. I used an Intel i5 4670K for my processor and an AMD R280X for a graphics card with an 128GB SSD for the OS and a 2TB HD for my data. This served me very well for a few years (until this year actually), where I decided that developing in Windows was too much of a hassle for me, even after the Ubuntu subsystem release. I spent all summer at Google working on Linux and I fell in love how all of the development tools just seemed to work instead of having to jump through hoops. So immediately I began looking at how I could put Linux on my desktop. I decided on dual booting Windows 10 with Ubuntu. The 128GB hard drive did not have enough space to work with both so I replace it with a 480GB SSD which had room for both Linux and Windows. I also added in an NVIDIA 1060 6GB card so that I could use CUDA for deep learning.

So my current part list looks like this:

Software: Windows

I run Windows 10.1 and like it. I didn't really understand the outcry over Windows 8 or 10 and I still don't. I don't really do much development on my Windows partition anymore after I decided to dual boot but when I'm developing Windows applications, I use Visual Studio 2015. If I just need to edit a file really quick I use Visual Studio Code. I'll explain a little more why I use VSCode in the Linux section.

For gaming, I'm a big fan of Steam and (less so) Origin. It's great having all of my games immediately accessibile instead of having to worry about discs.

As far as other software goes, I use Chrome for my browser.

Software: Linux

I'm pretty new to Linux and decided to choose the distro that was probably best for someone like me, Ubuntu. I'm running 16.04 and I love it. It doesn't really feel as raw as I'd always expected Linux to be. Going forward I'd like to change my distro but for now Ubuntu serves me extremeley well.

My Linux portion of my desktop is mostly used for my devlopment projects. That means my text editor is the most important piece of software I use. And for that I use Visual Studio Code by Microsoft. I was a big Vim user for the longest time (even though I never really took the time to learn all of the little tricks that makes Vim so great) but after hearing many reports about how great VSCode is, I decided to try it and fell in love immediately. It just works great. Isn't too resource intensive, looks nice right out of the box and has a great plugin database. I replaced Vim with VSCode on every platform I develop on.

Software: MacOS

My Mac is currently running MacOS Sierra. For development I use VSCode like I mentioned before. The only other piece of software I regularly use on my Mac is my browser, Safari. I use Safari on my Mac just because when I got it a few years ago, I noticed that using Chrome gave my Mac significantly less battery life although I need to retest that soon to see if it still holds.


Music is a really important part of my life. I have a nice little vinyl collection, around 200 records which I play on a Denon DP-200F turntable through Pioneer BS-22 bookshelf speakers. I love the tactile feeling of holding the music in my hands and the collection aspect of collecting records. As far as streaming goes, I generally use Spotify through the web interface and the mobile app. I still only use the free service since I haven't decided which streaming service to buy yet. I have a JBL Flip speaker that I use to take my music on the road with me.


I primarily use two cameras, a Nikon D3000 I got about 7 years ago and a Sony a6000 I picked up earlier in 2016. I have really fallen in love with the a6000. The image quality is great given the small size of the camera. I tend to take it to every amusement park I got ot and have some good shots. I edit on Lightroom on Windows.


My gaming habits have changed over the past few years. When I built my gaming PC, I would primarily game on it, spending hundreds of dollars on Steam sales to build up my library. Then a few summers ago I picked up a PS4 primarily to play Arkham Knight since the PC port was a total disaster. Ever since I've bought the PS4, I game on it way more than on my PC. I have a pretty big game collection and currently am loving Titanfall 2.


Reading is a huge part of my life. I read way more than I should and as such acquire a lot of books. I both buy books as well as take advantage of the public libraries. I generally like to have the physical books although I do have a Nook simple touch I got a few years ago and a Kindle fire that I tend to read some EBooks on.

Home Entertainment

I'm very proud of my home entertainment setup. I have the Pioneer BS-22 speakers running through a Marantz SR5000 receiver taking input from my PS4 (which I use for Blu-Rays) and outputting to a cheap 40" 4K TV. I also have a home server with tons of movies on it after ripping my own huge movie collection. When I move into my own bigger apartment, I plan to add surround speakers and a subwoofer as well as a better quality 4K TV.